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live show at Macao, Milan, It

it is the second half of the footage from the show i did at macao, milan, italy.





photo shot by jamie lee reed


ヒグチケイコ/ Keiko Higuchi

身体、声、呼吸のつながりを探求し、即興からジャズまで幅広くこなすボーカリスト。アメリカ・ボストンにて声を使うパフォーマーとして活動開始、'98年に帰国以来、その独特な声で表現される唯一無二の世界観は欧米での評価も高く、ソロの活動の他にも多くのコラボレーションやダンス、演劇などの作品に参加。過去には写真・執筆を発表している。アルバム作品には'13年ソロ第二作目「花弁のように儚い」(米utech records)、森重靖宗とのデュオ「あわい」(仏improvising beings)、'14年Cris Xとの「MELT」(musik atlach)、'16年1月にソロ第三作目「between dream and haze」(仏improvising beings)、そして’17年3月に神田晋一郎(p)との第二作目「passing and longing and there is only a trace left― 過ぎしも愛しもただ跡だけが残り」(ftarri) 、’18年年末にはsachikoとのAlbedo Fantasticaで「暗渠と夜空」(仏an’archive)がリリースされた。


keiko higuchi

a vocalist who seeks the connection between body, voice and breathing and covers jazz to vocalization. she started out her career as a voice performer in boston, usa. since returning to japan in '98, she has been working in dance, theater and many collaborations aside from her solo work. also she has some photography and writing work in the past. she has released, for the recent, her second album "ephemeral as petals" (utech records, usa) and  "awai" the duo album with yasumune morishige (improvising beings, france) in 2013, "melt" with cris x (musik atlach, japan) in 2014, the third solo album "between dream and haze" (improvising beings, france) in 2016, and “passing and longing and there is only a trace left” (ftarri) with the pianist, shin-ichiro kanda released in 2017. And now as Albedo Fantastica with Sachiko “culvert and starry night” (an’archive, france).


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